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Summer of Desktop Arcade

Posted in Announcements on May 30th, 2012

Greetings everyone!

Many who have inquired about making orders recently or made an order recently knows that I had been waiting for my delivery of buttons from China after running out of buttons some time during the fall semester. Well, my buttons arrived a couple of weeks ago and now I’m waiting for delivery of micro switches from a domestic supplier, since the local Betson branch didn’t have them.

They should arrive some time next week, but next week I’ll be in Los Angeles for E3 during the week and I’m catching a really early Friday flight back for AnimeNEXT, an anime convention whose video game room I run with a bunch of my friends. I’ll be back home on June 11th, and after perhaps a day or two to recover from a busy 6 days, I will be popping microswitches into otherwise finished controllers and shipping them. Luckily, I’ve only got a back log of about 5 Pop’n Music controllers and 2 unshipped IIDX controllers, so getting out from under the pile will not take me very long at all.

After I ship the small backlog of controllers I will be building up stock and putting up listings for arcade parts, including “real” smoke DA modded medium IIDX buttons.