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[SOLD] [CoTW RETURNS!] CoTW 11 – The V5 Pop’n Music Desktop Arcade Style Controller

Posted in [CotW] Pop'n Music on May 23rd, 2011

This particular Pop’n Music V5 is sold but you can contact me with your requests to purchase a new one!
It’s been rumored for a while and now it’s here and I’ve got one available for shipment! It’s the 5th incarnation of my Pop’n Music controllers, and much like the V4 was to the version before it, this new design is visually appealing and built to withstand the hardest and longest Pop’n Music sessions!

  • Let’s take a look at what’s new:
    • Controller construction inspired by our new line of joysticks, with hand-selected, quality, stained wood sides.
    • A 1/2″ thick wood top with a 1/8″ thick piece of Lexan plexiglass on top of it, flush with the sides of the controller. The wood top can be stained, left “natural”, painted, or artwork can be inserted and preserved thanks to the protection of the plexiglass top!
    • The bottom is stained to match the rest of the controller, creating a complete masterpiece from all 360 degrees.
    • This controller is built to impress, and it’s built to be an attractive, solid addition to your gaming controller collection; something you wouldn’t be ashamed to leave out to be seen, no matter what your age is!
  • Now that you know all of that, let’s take a look at one!

    “Looks great! I want one!!!”
    If you want to inquire about getting your very own, customized Pop’n Music V5 DASC, as always you can (email me) steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com to get it completely customized to your liking. You can also (email me) steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com If you want to purchase the controller pictured, which I have on hand and ready to ship!

    Controller of the Week #8: More Lights Than a Rave and Better than Glowsticks!

    Posted in Controller of the Week, [CotW] IIDASC, [CotW] Pop'n Music on September 15th, 2010

    One day several years ago I was in my workshop working on orders when I caught a glimpse of my stock shelf (located in the back of my work shop) and saw the pile of large, 4 foot wide boxes I built up for IIDX doubles decks. I had built up way more than I had orders for, and I was in the mood to create so I grabbed one and did some measurements with my drill guides for the Pop’n and IIDX controllers. It was possible for me to squeeze the Pop’n Music buttons (with arcade spacing, of course) and a Beatmania IIDX controller on one of these 4 foot monsters. I didn’t create it intending to sell many (if any) of them, I just did it because I could. Just because one can create something, does that mean they should? I don’t know, you guys tell me…

    God this thing is huge!
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    Controller of the Week #7: Why Does Nyami Always Wink Anyway?!

    Posted in Controller of the Week, [CotW] Pop'n Music on September 9th, 2010

    This one is from deep in the archives and was built in the Fall of 2004. Pop’n Music 10 was just being released for PS2 and a customer requested a Pop’n Music 10 themed controller which of course Sarah and I happily did because the character art for Mimi and Nyami are adorable for Pop’n 10′s theme!

    The controller not only features Mimi and Nyami in their cheek-pinchingly adorable Halloween garb from the game’s theme, but it also features a beautiful night time fade as the background of the controller, taken right from the game’s start screen! This controller was requested a couple of times after I posted the pictures of this on Bemanistyle, and each time I was pretty excited to do it because I love the character art from 10 a lot.

    Here is a picture of the controller before the big holes are drilled for the giant dome pushbuttons (Unfortunately this picture does not resize, for some reason I saved it really small and since it’s from 6 years ago I can’t seem to find the raw images from my camera)
    Before the controller box gets the big holes drilled!
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    Controller of the Week #4: Milk, it Does a Body Good!

    Posted in Controller of the Week, [CotW] Pop'n Music on August 18th, 2010

    This week’s CotW is one I rescued from a memory card I found in a drawer and had long forgotten about. Before I discovered the card and dumped the images, this was one of the few art controllers that I didn’t have a finished picture of. The controller features Milk from Pop’n Music on a larger Pop’n music controller box (dubbed the xL DASC) to allow for more room for the art work.

    COTW4: Pop'n Music xL DASC: Milk from Pop'n Music.  Click to enlarge!

    I’m happy the pictures of this controller turned up, because I was very bummed out to have completed pictures of this one missing!

    New Feature: Controller Of the Week! [SOLD]

    Posted in Controller of the Week, Uncategorized, [CotW] Pop'n Music on July 25th, 2010

    This new feature to the site will present a controller; either one I’m currently working on, just shipped, or one from the archives accompanied by pictures and if necessary, a backstory.

    This week, I am presenting one of my favorite pieces that our artist Sarah has ever done!

    This controller was commissioned by a customer, completed, and then through an accident with emails, a misunderstanding took place which ultimately put me in possession of the controller. As much as I love the design (and Katamari!) I already have a personal Pop’n Music controller, so I do not want to keep it, especially if I can find someone who can give it a good home and appreciate it for what it is: a one-of-a-kind, beautiful Pop’n Music controller!

    With all that said, here is a picture of it (Click to enlarge):

    Katamari Meets Pop'n Music!

    This bright, colorful, and beautifully detailed controller has been sitting in my workshop long enough, and because I want to find a good home for it ASAP, I am offering it at a very good price. (UPDATE: The controller is sold!)

    If you are interested in purchasing a controller, please email me at Steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com .

    Until next week where I’ll feature another controller, thanks for checking out the site!