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Celebrating 7 years of Bringing the Arcade Home!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 2nd, 2011

Last month on the 17th I celebrated my 7th year officially selling controllers to more than just my friends, and it was a big reminder of how glad I am that I began Desktop Arcade back in 2004. It’s allowed me to meet so many great people, make several friends, and it’s also opened so many doors for me over the years. For one, it’s introduced me to the great anime convention scene in the Mid-Atlantic, and it’s even brought me all the way out to Chicago for Anime Central a few years ago, selling DA controllers at my friend Carlson Stevens of’s dealers room setup! Doing DA representation at anime conventions allowed me to learn a lot of things about running top-notch game rooms, and DA has been a spring-board for me to begin running AnimeNEXT’s video game room. Since taking it over in 2008 myself and my great, hard-working staff have grown the department from a small board room in a hotel to taking over the meeting space and ballroom of an entire hotel on the convention campus in Somerset, NJ. Running their game room every year is a great experience, and it’s something that I never would have been brought to had I not begun this journey 7 years ago.

I want to thank every customer who has made the decision to buy a Desktop Arcade controller over the years, whether it’s directly from me or second hand from someone else. It’s because of all of you that I’ve had so many great experiences over the years, and I’m sure there are many more opportunities coming!

New Feature: Controller Of the Week! [SOLD]

Posted in Controller of the Week, Uncategorized, [CotW] Pop'n Music on July 25th, 2010

This new feature to the site will present a controller; either one I’m currently working on, just shipped, or one from the archives accompanied by pictures and if necessary, a backstory.

This week, I am presenting one of my favorite pieces that our artist Sarah has ever done!

This controller was commissioned by a customer, completed, and then through an accident with emails, a misunderstanding took place which ultimately put me in possession of the controller. As much as I love the design (and Katamari!) I already have a personal Pop’n Music controller, so I do not want to keep it, especially if I can find someone who can give it a good home and appreciate it for what it is: a one-of-a-kind, beautiful Pop’n Music controller!

With all that said, here is a picture of it (Click to enlarge):

Katamari Meets Pop'n Music!

This bright, colorful, and beautifully detailed controller has been sitting in my workshop long enough, and because I want to find a good home for it ASAP, I am offering it at a very good price. (UPDATE: The controller is sold!)

If you are interested in purchasing a controller, please email me at Steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com .

Until next week where I’ll feature another controller, thanks for checking out the site!

Welcome, AnimeNEXT attendees!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17th, 2010

(And a big “hello” to everybody else, too!)

So after 6 years of exclusively making Bemani controllers, I have finally decided to create beautiful, high quality joysticks in a very attractive and solidly-constructed form-factor.

Those of you who are finding this page from our flyer at AnimeNEXT probably tried one of the joysticks we have set up in AnimeNEXT’s video game ballroom, and if you are here, chances are you may be interested in buying one! To prevent long wait times for joysticks , I am shifting more to a commission based order queue system which will be focused on this contact form, and those who email me through more traditional methods to inquire about ordering. When enough orders come in for a time period, I will reply to order inquiries with details and price quotes, but I will only take a non-refundable down payment to purchase the materials for your joystick (and to begin constructing it).

Check out pictures from the weekend and my other work at my flickr page, right here!

Order inquiry form. Reserve your spot in the order queue today!

Your Name (required)

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What kind of controller are you interested in?

If Interested in a Joystick, what console(s) are you interested in having it work for?

More Details: (What color/stain/wood type are you interested in, other details, questions, etc)

Pop’n Papa: AKA, The Building Process

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18th, 2010

I figured that I would give everyone who might be curious about the building process I go through, since I am sure some of you are curious as to how I make my Pop’n Music controllers. These controllers were done over a weekend during the summer, and many of them are still available for sale.

First we take the wood…. (two 8′X4′ pieces of 1/2″ birch plywood, cut up to 6 sizable pieces to fit in my car)

Then we cut 16 tops (Also pictured, my protective gear)

Then we cut 32 long side pieces (this part is a pain! Also pictured is my beverage.)

Then I take the 16 tops and 64 sides and lay them out stacked on top of each other, making sure each pair of short and long sides are the same length.

Then we glue!

And we glue some more! (And I need to clean this area, as you can see the clutter of spray paint and random scrap wood)

This is what’s left to glue. I give the current batch that’s glued 3 hours for the Gorilla Glue to cure, then I unclamp them and work on as many of these as I can do at one time.

The finished shells.