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[CotM 13] The Best Things in Life Come in Pairs – Beatmania IIDX V5 Doubles IIDASC

This past summer I decided to experiment further with the joystick-type design I had already extended to some of the other controllers I make to create something epic. I wanted to build the most elegant, stylish, and screw-less Beatmania IIDX controller that had ever been built. Sure, I had already made quite the attractive, screw-less singles deck but a doubles deck is so large that I was excited at the possibilities.

I knew that I wanted to use a red tone stain and a dark walnut, because I love the way that both colors bring the grain out of wood, and I also knew that of the woods that I have easy access to buying, I wanted to use oak because I love the way oak with a good grain pops and gives contrast when stained properly. As you may have gathered from my mentioning that it be screw-less twice in this post (make that three!), another important guideline for this build was that there be no visible screws — The abuse of screws in controller designs from other manufacturers give the product a tacky, cheap look and I wanted to go in the completely opposite direction to show people what true elegance in Bemani controllers is. Luckily, I think this Desktop Arcade original design does all that and more, but I’ll let you guys be the judge:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this controller. I built it over the course of about 5 days in between working on paid orders over the summer so that I could bring it to AnimeNEXT to debut it. Looking for the best IIDX controller that mimics the look and feel of the arcade, complete with the drab gray color and uncomfortable wrist rest? Well you won’t find it here; instead, you’ll find a beautifully handcrafted, stained wood body that would make most custom furniture carpenters jealous….All while still retaining that perfect arcade feeling you know and love. If Konami could do it all over again, perhaps they’d redesign the arcade deck to be this dignified and polished!

It’s also beautiful from every angle, even the rear!:

This whopper of a controller is 19 lbs, which is surprisingly light for a controller that’s this big with this much Lexan plexiglass (including on the entire top, obviously) and, it even lights up:

Want one?

Like most CotMs, this controller was sold before it ever hit the site! My good friend Mouse had an open order with me for a black doubles deck and after I showed him pictures of this controller completed, he asked me how much extra he’d have to pay to buy this guy instead. By Tuesday after AnimeNEXT (I needed 2 days to recover!) it was boxed up and shipped to him. If you see him on any Bemani forums, definitely ask him how he likes his V5 doubles IIDASC! Prices start at $600, and if you have a piece of art work or designs in mind, the large piece of plexiglass on the top allows for quite the large area for art work to be added! You could make your one-of-a-kind controller even more special with art work that’s completely protected by 1/8″ plexiglass. Just (email me) steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com to inquire about having your very own V5 IIDASC doubles deck done!

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