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IIDASC – Beatmania IIDX Arcade Style Controllers from Desktop Arcade

After a bit of a hiatus and due to popular demand, I’ve decided to resume production of the IIDASC, Desktop Arcade’s most sought after controller. Many arcade hobbyists have tried to reproduce the magic of the Beatmania IIDX arcade controls, but none have succeeded as well as I have with the Desktop Arcade Beatmania IIDX Desktop Arcade Style Controller (better known as the IIDASC). That’s right, the best IIDX controllers money can buy are back in production, and you can buy one today! Whether you want a singles deck in left-side (Player 1) or right-side (Player 2) position or even a doubles deck, you can bring the arcade home at an affordable price from a quality controller maker with over 7 years of professional build experience!

A Note About Ordering a IIDASC

Right now I have the controller pictured below (the V5DASC in front of the IIDX arcade machine) on hand, finished, and ready to ship with blue key LEDs. If you want to order that controller or any other IIDX controller at the moment, I ask that you (email me) steve (at) desktoparcade (dot) com with your request for a time and price estimate.

As you can see, the IIDASC is built to not only replicate the experience of the hit Japanese arcade classic, but you can customize one to fit your desires and play style.

The Most Important Piece of Any IIDX Controller… The Turntable.

I spent over a year toiling and perfecting the turntable design many years ago, and the turntable has gone through some slight revisions over the years to become the most accurate arcade replica turntable money can buy. Desktop Arcade IIDASC turntables have been specially designed to have weight which gives the controller arcade accuracy without taking too much force to register swipes on the turntable, allowing you to full combo even the most difficult turntable patterns!

The Other Piece of the IIDX Controller Puzzle… The Buttons

It’s well known that in their Beatmania IIDX arcade machines Konami uses Sanwa’s OBSA-45UK-K/W-LEDR, a button that costs over 2,000 Yen each (which is almost $24 per button as of April 2011). If you are committed to having complete arcade accuracy and want a IIDASC with Sanwas, I can acquire them and use them for your controller but as you can tell, this will be an expensive option but I will charge *exactly* as much as the Sanwas for your order cost, I take no profit on Sanwa buttons. The best thing to do if you want Sanwas is to email me for a price and time estimate on adding Sanwas to your order.

For the rest of us, spending close to $25 a button is not ideal when there is an alternative option that does not impact gameplay and feels great as well. This is why I’ve worked to find a high-quality alternative button that closely replicates the look and feel of Sanwa’s OBSA-45UKs for a fraction of the price. These buttons are even closer to arcade accuracy after I do some modifications to the springs of the button, making them more sensitive and “springy”, much like the Sanwas of the Beatmania IIDX arcade machines. These buttons have been tested rigorously by myself and top Bemani players, and they all agree that Desktop Arcade’s IIDASC buttons (formerly known as the “DA modded medium” keys) are great!

Options, Options, and More Options!

Want LEDs in the buttons? Got it! Want LEDs in the turntable I’ll do that too! Mix and match LEDs to your heart’s content!

Beatmania IIDX Desktop Arcade Style Controller (IIDASC) “At-a-Glance”
Dimensions: 24″x13.5″x2.75″
Weight: 10 Pounds
Ship. Dimension: 31″x16″x7″
Ship. Weight: 13 Pounds
Arcade Accurate Spacing of buttons, turntable, and buttons to turntable.
Real Arcade Buttons & Arcade switches
Handcrafted from Birch Plywood and using only Lexan brand Plexiglass, the strongest plexiglass on the market.
Compatible with Sony PS2/PSX (And PC/Mac/PS3 with USB adapter (not included)