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MAGFest 10 Joysticks

MAGFest starts tomorrow and I’ll be there promoting AnimeNEXT with a pair of joysticks set up & running a rotation of fighting games, so stop by and say hello!

I’ll also be selling 9 brand new joysticks at My buddy Carlson’s Mad-Gear LLC booth! These joysticks run the gamut between having American Happ parts and Japanese Sanwa and Seimitsu parts, and I think I managed to make something for everyone! Some sticks are PC-USB, some are Playstation/PS2, some are Xbox 360 only and a few are Xbox/PS3/PC. This past week on the Desktop Arcade Tumblr I posted one stick a day on the road to MAGFest, and I wanted to also post them on here as a gallery, so without further ado….

Joystick #9 Chun Li (Playstation/PS2)