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The V4 Pop'n Music DASC: Only 9 lbs!

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Pop’n Music V4 Information Page

Pop’n Music V4 DASC

Orange Pop'n Music V4 DASC

Base price – $200

Pop’n Music V5 DASC

Pop'n Music V5 DASC

Base price – $250


The V4DASC is perfect for the Pop’n player on the go who wants a smaller, lighter, easier-to-keep-in-tow package, or those who want the Pop’n Music arcade experience at home that is easier to conceal when not in use, all for the most affordable price on the market.

The box is constructed out of 1/2″ birch plywood with a 1/4″ sanded natural bottom with industrial rubber feet to insure that your controller doesn’t budge while you Pop away! The V4 is painted and top coated using modern painting techniques which means that the controller is not only rugged and smooth to the touch, but light to carry, too! Desktop Arcade only uses American-made Zippy microswitches, which are rated for millions of presses. This means you will be able to keep on Poppin’ without having to repeatedly flip the controller open to fix it.

The V4DASC “At-a-Glance”

Dimensions: 29″x11″x2.75″
Weight: 9 Pounds
Ship. Dimension: 31″x16″x7″
Ship. Weight: 12 Pounds
Arcade Accurate Spacing
Real Arcade Buttons & Arcade switches
Handcrafted from Birch Plywood
Compatible with Sony PS2/PSX (And PC/Mac/PS3 with USB adapter (not included)

Blue with Yellow Rims

In the Event you Do Have to Perform Maintenance…

The Desktop Arcade Pop’n Music controllers are “built like a tank”, but sometimes even tanks need a little attention. Should you ever need to open your Pop’n Music controller to perform basic maintenance, here is a quick video that will explain the ease of maintenance for the Desktop Arcade Pop’n Music controllers made by Desktop Arcade’s utility man, Mouse.